Retailers put lot of effort and budgets in order to make their dream e-store. Truth is they struggle hard to come in front of customer’s eyes, which is one of the biggest concerns of merchants. However, many easy ways have come now to make your online store more recognizable, and that too instantly. One of them to increase not only sales but to have an everlasting customer’s flow is by using the best multi-channel ecommerce platform.

Are you in search of best multi-channel ecommerce platform?

As we said before, using a feature-rich multi-channel selling platform is an effective way to boost your sales and get customers attention. Shopify, Magento and PrestaShop are top names.


Shopify – an absolute champion that offers broad range of multi-channel capabilities. One of the biggest benefits it provides to merchants is the ability to let them sell on as many channels as possible. What could be better than this ecommerce selling platform that seamlessly integrates with a giant online marketplace – Amazon. Moreover Shopify also enables retailers to sync their available inventory within all sales channels. With so many endless possibilities provided by Shopify, e-business has become effortless. Shopify take care of your day-to-day data collections and let you analyze them from your Home page. By doing so, you can gauge your e-business multi-channel performance. Like, which sales channel is giving you more profits. So that, you could focus on that channel more.


With its powerful packed features, midsize and big enterprises can boost their sales and targets their audience. Due to its unlimited multi-channel capabilities, retailers consider this one of the best multichannel ecommerce platform. Similar to Shopify, it integrates well with amazon and eBay. Also, magneto allows retailers to have full control of their e-business. This is done by providing ability to monitor sales from various sales channels within one Dashboard.


It is one of the best multichannel ecommerce platforms. It is free open source ecommerce solution. Perstashop allows its clients for advanced integration with amazon; however, this benefit is not free. For this, one need to install a special Amazon Integration for PrestaShop plugin that costs 119$ including a free support via phone, email and chat.


Choosing the best multi-channel ecommerce platform is a first step to get endless possibilities of multi-channel retail. And, subsequently this is an ultimate way to success.

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