Shopping habits of consumer have shifted and are continue to evolve. Consumers have evolved from using one or more channels to multiple platforms, and then further to Omni channel experience – that blends both physical and digital worlds. This allows retailers to interact with customers online through many ways like physical stores, mobile devices, social media, and television and beyond. It is a phenomenon that touches everyone in purchasing journey.

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Multi-channel retailing- what is it?

Multi-channel is nothing new. Before the advent of the mobile devices, people used to make a purchase through many channels like retail shops, call centers and mail order catalogues. What is new, however, is the growth of channels used today, and proliferation of online devices used to access them, such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones and smart TV.

Omni channel retailing – what is it?

Omni channel retailing is a way that smart companies are using to drive better customer experience. This marketing approach helps businesses to increase their sales. Omni channel refers to all channels that customer uses to learn about and purchase your product as one single experience. Instead of viewing each channel as different experience, companies now realize the fact that customers want a single path for purchase. This is because Omni-channel approach looks works from the customer’s point of view.

Cross retailing – what is it?

The continuous spread of smartphones and tablets represents an enormous challenge to commercial enterprise and brands. Consumers have become smarter shoppers. With their mobile devices, they are capable to check availability of products more easily than ever. Customers can easily determine whether, when and where to shop. In addition to visit physical stores, customers also reach to businesses via their websites. This cross-channel retailing approach offers many benefits and endless possibilities to customer. They can decide where to deliver their ordered item, at home by mail or they may pick up order from closest store. Omni channel approach ensures no matter how your customer contacts you -on what device, and how many times- it offers consistent end-to-end customer journey.

These types of retailing show the need for businesses to have an integrated system of both retail and digital world in order to serve customers. A well connected physical and retail channel is meant to increase sales. Online hasn’t taken over brick-and-mortar. Future of retail will not be online only. It will be a convergence of channels of online and offline.

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