5 Steps to Help You Sell Furniture Online

/5 Steps to Help You Sell Furniture Online

5 Steps to Help You Sell Furniture Online

Did you know that the US has the largest furniture market, with a revenue of over $300 billion? If you want a piece of the pie, you will need an ecommerce platform and your very own furniture store.

Selling furniture online might seem like a quick way to make money out of your old home decor products, however, with the right items and a well-designed store, it can become a successful business.

So, how to set up your own store and sell furniture online? Do you need graphic design skills or coding experience?

No, you don’t need either. All you have to do is follow these 51 simple steps.

The Best Way to Set Up an Online Furniture Store

1.Find an Ecommerce Website Builder

When you see furniture being promoted online, it is through marketplaces and platforms like eBay, Craigslist, Etsy, and others. These websites are for selling old things, not for growing a long-term business.

If you want to establish a trustworthy and professional brand for your furniture business, it is worth considering a website builder.

An ecommerce website builder is a platform that helps you set up an online store without any tech skills or experience required. You can build a storefront for your products, without hiring a developer.

We’ve done some research and discovered that Shopify, Wix, and BigCommerce are the three best ecommerce website builders for selling furniture.

With Shopify, you can take your furniture business online in just a few minutes. The platform helps you set up and run your own store, give your customers the option to decorate their homes right from their laptops or mobile phones, and allow you to accept orders and process transactions.

With Wix, it is super easy to create and manage your own online furniture store. Create your store and tap into a new market of potential customers. The platform allows you to manage all aspects of your business. You’ll have all the features you need to sell online and stay organized.


BigCommerce offers powerful features that help furniture retailers sell more. Businesses selling bedroom fittings, antique or vintage furniture and kitchen accessories choose BigCommerce because they can scale effectively, bring more visitors to your website, integrate your store with Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and more.

Both Shopify and BigCommerce have great features to help your furniture business succeed. As your store grows and starts processing more orders, you will be thankful for these features saving you effort and time.

2. Select an Ecommerce Plan

Once you’ve found the perfect platform, it is time to choose a plan. Here are the price ranges of the ecommerce website builders:

  • Shopify: $29 to $299 per month
  • Wix: $20 to $35 per month
  • BigCommerce: $29.95 to $224.95 per month

Shopify and BigCommerce have price ranges meaning your store will have room to scale and grow.

The Basic Shopify Plan ($29 per month), for example, provides you with basic features required to start a business online – multi-channel setting, abandoned cart recovery, and shipping discounts. When you upgrade to a more expensive plan, you will get more advanced tools such as professional reports and gift card creation option.

The more you pay, the better tools your store gets.

3. Come Up with a Domain Name

Domain names are important for building a trustworthy and professional image for your online store.

Domain names aren’t free, however, they are certainly worth the investment. Domains vary in price and the average is around $20/year. A lot of website builders offer a free domain for the first year.

Here are a few tips that will help you choose a perfect domain name:

  • Keep it short and avoid complicated address.
  • Keep it simple and memorable.
  • Avoid hyphens and numbers.
  • Keep it relevant and make sure it stands out.
  • Keep it catchy and unique.

4. Choose & Customize a Website Template

In order to build an online store, you will need to choose a template. The template is the structure for a page layout filled with text and images.

There are lots of templates to choose from. Usually, there are categories to help you search for your preferred template.

When choosing, think about previewing (Can you preview the templates before choosing one?) and switching (If you don’t want to use the template, can you switch it?).

Shopify and BigCommerce allow you to switch website templates at any time. Wix doesn’t let you switch themes.

Once you’ve chosen your template, it is time to customize it. Ecommerce website builders let you change whatever you like, for example, text, colors, images, fonts, pages, menus, page layout, headings, buttons, galleries, and more.

5. Add Your Products

Now let’s add some furniture and show the world what you’ve got.

First, you need to write a compelling product description. You need a description to give customers the information they want to know. You need to be informative and include details like colors, dimensions, materials, weight, and more.

Next, convince your visitors that their home, house or apartment will not be complete without your beautiful furniture. You can use words like sophisticated, unique, comfortable, quality, and etc.

Nobody is going to purchase a chair or sofa if you are using low-quality photos. Make sure you are taking high-resolution and crystal clear images to show off your beautiful products and avoid pixelated and grainy photos. 

Take a look at your competitors and borrow some inspiration from how they’ve presented their product images.

Setting real and sensible prices is important. Pricing depends on a lot of things but two important rules to follow are: don’t ever overprice or undersell your products.

The price should reflect the value and quality of the furniture you are selling.

One way to get your prices right is to consider other stores selling similar products to you.

Sell Furniture Online: Conclusion

By following these 5 steps, you can build your own furniture store. Your potential customers might not know it – but they are expecting something from you. So, don’t way and get building today.

You will complete all 5 steps before you know it and build a successful furniture business.

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